Gilman Hall


At Coastal Exteriors, LLC, we want to understand and address all exterior building restoration and repair concerns, whether it is aesthetic, historic, structural, preventative, or a combination of these. We address common building problems such as building leaks, concrete or masonry facade, stains, etc. By determining the underlying cause of deterioration, we can propose solutions that enhance and preserve the building from further damage. We also take precautionary methods to maintain safety for everyone.

Our exterior restoration services include masonry restoration specializing in historic building restoration, including but not limited to:

  • Exterior Building Façade Cleaning
    • Exterior Brick Cleaning/Brick Façade Cleaning
    • Stone Cleaning
  • Brick and Stone Re-pointing
  • Exterior Building Repair
    • Brick, Stone, Terra Cotta Patching and Repair
    • Concrete Patching and Repair
  • Terra Cotta Repair and Restoration
  • Brick, Stone and Terrace Cotta Replacement
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Caulk Sealant Replacement
  • Waterproofing, Joint Sealants
  • Architectural Coatings and Industrial Coatings
  • Professional Painting

Whether you need Masonry restoration, brick fašade cleaning, or exterior façade stone repairs and restoration, call Coastal Exteriors, LLC today at 410.252.3411 for all your façade restoration services.